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When a character enters Frenzy, you must announce to all present that he is in Frenzy.

The Beast Trigger: Sunlight (Terror) is now considered to be held by all Kindred, and therefore is not allowed as a normal Beast Trait - if you already have this as a Beast Trait then please speak to your Storyteller.

The Derangement Crimson Rage does not invoke Frenzy (i.e. the raging Kindred is fully aware of his actions and is unaffected by the rules for Frenzy).

Whilst In Frenzy

Characters in frenzy are immune to, and cannot initiate Social Challenges (this excludes Song of Serenity and talking down from Frenzy), and cannot initiate (but may be effected by) Mental Challenges. Physical challenges are unaffected. They cannot spend willpower to come out of Frenzy. Characters in Frenzy are immune to all Health Level Penalties for the duration of their Frenzy.

A character in Frenzy will:

  1. Upon entering frenzy, drop all weapons that he is holding.
  2. Be unable to spend blood. This means: no extra physical Traits, no Celerity, no healing, and no disciplines that require blood expenditure.
  3. Be unable to perform any action that requires conscious thought to execute, i.e. Draw a weapon, use Mental/Social Disciplines, Thaumaturgy, perform complex thought out attacks, etc.
  4. Do everything in their power to flee from the trigger of their Fear Frenzy. i.e. Attempt to avoid/escape from people preventing their escape, including Dodge Re-Tests.
  5. Characters in Rage Frenzy will attempt to do the most damage possible to their target. i.e. Use all of their available Physical Disciplines (which are considered to be instinctual rather than conscious) to their maximum potential, use any natural weapons (e.g. Wolf Claws), etc. You must use Brawl Re-Tests, if you have that ability.

Talking Down From Frenzy

To talk a character down from Frenzy a character must make a role-playing attempt (lasting at least 3 rounds) to do so before initiating a challenge (i.e. it takes several rounds to talk someone in combat down). The Challenge is a Static Social (biding non-aggressive Traits) against a difficulty of the targets number of beast Traits multiplied by three (Brujah, due to their clan disadvantage must be challenge against a difficulty of the number of whole beast triggers multiplied by four).

Willpower expenditure to quell a Frenzy

Costs relate to a character’s number of Beast Traits, not the level of the Beast Trait activated.

  1. Beast Trait - 1 Willpower for 10 Minutes
  2. Beast Traits - 1 Willpower for 10 Minutes
  3. Beast Traits - 2 Willpower for 10 Minutes
  4. Beast Traits - 3 Willpower for 10 Minutes