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Rules On The Night Of A Game

The decision of the local head Referee (Storyteller) is final.

No overt physical contact. Do not touch people in a way that could be found offensive, and certainly do not run or role-play physical confrontations, etc.

You must have a home domain, which in turn must be a recognised UK Masquerade Domain.

Anything special or unusual, or something which you may later come to rely on, if not checked in doesn’t exist/isn’t happening. If you are not sure check it in! All Blood/Thaumaturgy items must be checked in. Your character has no Ghouls present, ostentatious equipment, magical items, etc. unless cleared by a local Storyteller.

The 6 Camarilla clans (and Caitiff & Camarilla Gangrel) may play simply by checking in anything unusual.

Ghouls, and Restricted PC’s should inform the Storyteller that they are present. Others (‘Specials’ such as Sabbat, other domains NPCs, etc.) require the specific permission of the Storyteller to play.

No realistic or potentially dangerous Phys-Reps.

You may only play one character at a game. No swapping halfway though (under extenuating circumstances and with Storyteller permission you may be allowed to, however, you will only gain 1 XP for the evening).

Rules for Home Players

Only Standard PC’s (the 6 Camarilla clans, Camarilla Gangrel Ghouls & Caitiff) may be played without special permission from a Storyteller. Restricted Characters require specific Storyteller clearance, and these classes are restricted by number. Starting players will be asked to play one of the Camarilla clans or a Ghoul. No Assamites or Non-Kindred (except Ghouls). All characters (their stats (especially Beast Traits), and backgrounds) are required to be approved by the Storytellers. No more than two characters per player without ST permission. No more than two characters of the same clan per player without ST permission.

Learning out-of-clan Disciplines: You may only teach an out-of-clan discipline in the month after your last game. If you have arranged to learn an out-of-clan Discipline from an out-of-domain player, your Storyteller will need out-of-Character information to verify that the character is actually teaching it to you (i.e. rather than lying to youin-Character). You Storyteller will need the character Name, Player Name, their Storyteller’s details (Name,contact details, etc), and the date they agreed to teach you it. If your Storyteller cannot verify this, your characterhas not learnt the power, therefore it is in your interests to organise this at the game where you arranged to be taught the discipline.

All Permanent Influence transfers need to be checked by a Storyteller, as soon as possible after they occur. If an out-of-domain character is involved we will need the same info as above.

Character Classes and Banding

There are only 2 UK Masquerade character classes: Player characters (PC’s) and Non-Player characters (NPCs). Characters are either PC’s or NPCs. They may not be ‘Directed Player characters’ i.e. characters who are PC’s but under the instruction of the storytellers. PC’s may not be given XP in return for being under the direction of the Storytellers. If a PC needs to be directed their Storyteller should use in-Character means such as plot, NPCs, etc. Players are responsible for the freewill of their characters within UK Masquerade rules and their Storytellers decisions. Player characters: are under the control of the player to whom it belongs. They are created as per the UK Masquerade character Creation rules, and therefore should be able to produce a list of all the games they have attended (plus any other source of XP), and where, when & whom (both in- & out-of-Character) they have gained any additional influence and out-of-clan disciplines. They must obey the rulings made by their home Storytellers, and any decisions made by the Storytellers of any out-of-domain game they visit! Non-Player characters: are Storyteller characters for reasons of plot. Players on a first warning may not play NPC’s. They should be created at a generation of between 13th and 5th if Kindred, or equivalent if non-vampire. They should not be characters that could be considered to be of ‘National Significance’ (i.e. Justicars, Salubri, other rare bloodlines etc.), or especially powerful (i.e. 4th Generation) without the express permission of the Storyteller Council. They may not travel outside of their home domain without the express advance permission (or request) of the Storytellers to whom they are travelling, and without their character sheet & in-Characters goals. When in the Domain of another they should abide by any prerequisites placed upon them by local Storytellers (i.e. no killing) or not play! NPC’s are not an opportunity for someone to effectively PC a character that they would not be able to PC within the rules etc.

Standard PCs

These are taken from the Ventrue, Tremere, Toreador, Brujah, Nosferatu, Malkavian and Setite. Standard PCs are members of the Camarilla and on the Path of Humanity. Ghouls as per the UKM Ghoul rules (not Lieber des Ghouls) are also acceptable. New Domains may only run Standard PC’s.

Restricted PCs

These are taken from the Clans Giovanni, Daughters of Cacophony, Gangrel and Caitiff (as well as all non-Cam standard clans i.e. Anarchs). All are on Path of Humanity, and may be cleared by the local refs. Only 3 Restricted characters per full Domain. Domains with more than 3 ‘Restricted’ PC’s cannot clear another until they are down to 2, either by ‘natural selection’ or retirement. Players on a 1st warning may not play Restricted characters.

Special PCs

Are from clans such as Ravnos, Lasombra antitribu, Samedi, (i.e. any Vampire or Mortal) and members of the Sabbat. Anything with non-standard powers (Paths of Enlightenment, Fomori, True Faith, Demonic, Golconda etc.) is a Special character. They must be individually cleared by the Storyteller Council after a written proposal by the player outlining the character’s background, stats, costuming ideas and reasons for playing (why the character will add to the UKM chronicle), seconded by their ST. Players on a 1st warning may not play Special characters.