Hand Signals

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The game uses a series of hand signals, presented below, to represent certain states of being or abilities being used:

Arms Crossed with 1-5 fingers showing on their right hand: This character cannot be seen and those watching should act exactly as if they were not there. Normally, they will have a number of fingers showing on their right hand to indicate the level of Obfuscate they are using (or equivalent ability) and thus what level of disciplines it takes to perceive them
Arm above Head: This person is not there (often used by Storytellers) or cannot be perceived.
Thumb Up: Discipline in use.
Thumb Horizontal: Ability in use (often used to indicate that two characters are talking in a foreign language).
Thumb Up, Little finger out: Telepathy in use. These characters cannot be heard.
Arms Crossed, Fingers Drumming: Form of Mist, similar insubstantiality powers etc.
Index finger to Chin: This player does not look like their character at the moment.
Right arm across the chest: Indicates that the character is on a spirit plane.
Arms held above head, with hands like claws: The character is in a large and monstrous attack form (e.g. a Werewolf)
Knelt down; Arms held in front with “claws” held down: Character has assumed the form of a predatory animal (e.g. a wolf)
Hands crosses out in front, making a flapping motion: Character has assumed the form of a flying animal (e.g. a bat)
One arm held forward, bent at elbow into Z shape: Character is a giant snake