Health Levels

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A character has three states of health: Healthy; Injured; Incapacitated.


  • The character operates normally.


  • A character becomes ‘injured’ once they have suffered a level of damage.
  • For every level of damage a character suffers they take a cumulative one trait penalty in challenges (i.e. at 1 level of damage they are at a one trait penalty, at 2 a two trait penalty & so on).
  • A character suffering injured wound penalties may spend a Willpower at any point to ignore them for the remainder of the round.


  • A character becomes incapacitated when they have taken seven levels of damage.
  • They fall unconscious for at least 5 minutes.
  • An incapacitated character cannot initiate challenges.
  • They can spend blood to heal.
  • An incapacitated character who takes further damage can spend blood above their generational per-round limit to immediately heal that damage in order to prevent themselves from entering torpor.
  • If a character is incapacitated and also has no blood left in their system for healing; then takes a further point of damage they are driven into a state known as Torpor.