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The lexicon presented here covers out of character terms:



A single action performed by your character, usually adjudicated by a Challenge. Characters get one action per Round, unless they posses a magical ability which allows them to move faster than other characters, usually Celerity. Examples of actions are Striking someone, using an Ability, or using a Discipline against a foe. The primary method of getting more than one Action per Round. If Celerity is being used a combat Round will be adjudicated thus: Alacrity, Normal combat action, Swiftness, Rapidity, and then Fleetness. Challenge The exercise of deciding if a character’s action is successful. At the end of the challenge the loser crosses off the Trait bid (and thus lost), and the winner’s character performs the successful Action (e.g. striking their opponent, using Dominate).


Subsequent Tests after the first in a Challenge.


A ‘slice’ of time, usually used to help organise lots of Physical Challenges. A round is about five seconds of Game Time. Test The act of pulling Paper/Stone/Scissors. There may be one or more Tests in a Challenge.


The adjectives that describe your character. Examples of Physical Traits are Quick, Tough and Brutal. These can be found on your character Sheet. In emergencies your character can burn Blood for Physical Traits on a one-for-one basis. These last for the duration of the combat plus five minutes but then dissipate, though the blood is gone.

x Traits down

In the event of a draw, you are down x number of Traits. You do not need to bid additional Traits because of this.


Willpower Points represent your inner reserves of will, to be called upon at times of emergency to exceed your mind and body’s normal limits.