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The Players’ Rule Book (which this wiki is based on) is subject to yearly update. Errors or omissions found between revisions will be notified by issue of an Errata, changes to be included immediately in the working copy (and the revision number updated). This booklet is not meant to be a substitute for any of the White Wolf™ source books, and as such we recommend that players at least purchase and read the relevant clan book.

Queries about the interpretation of these rules should first be directed to your Referee or Storyteller who may consult the Admin Council. The latest version of this book and other related UK Masquerade materials (including UKM contact lists, and web links to all domains) is available from the UK Masquerade web site at:

The previous version of the rules can be found at

Changes to the rules since the last revision:

What’s changed (in a page or less)?

This particular set of rules changes has been (roughly) ten years in the works, with feedback from innumerable players and several playtests. There are significant changes across virtually every aspect of the game, to bring the rules into line with that feedback. But the headline changes are:

Challenge System

  • Rock/Paper/Scissors & traits on draws remain the same.
  • Static challenges no longer involve RPS, instead compare traits/abilities against a fixed difficulty.
  • On challenges between opponents, only the aggressor loses traits.
  • In a given round everybody gets an action.
  • Willpower re-tests are gone, characters may now use Willpower for a short burst of traits.
  • Ability re-tests are broadly the same, but characters can gain an advantage to temporarily boost their ability in prolonged conflicts. Virtually all challenges (including disciplines) include an ability retest.
  • Overbids are completely different.
  • Trait loss and damage is all resolved at the end of a round.
  • Some additional options are available (grappling/all-out attacks). Penalties (for darkness etc) are clearly defined.

Character creation simplification

  • Demeanours are gone.
  • Named traits are gone.
  • Clan advantages have been subsumed into Merits.
  • Default generation is now 8th - higher generation vampires are represented by flaws and the only means to drop generation is through diablarie.
  • Trait/ability/Willpower maxima are the same regardless of generation.


  • All have more levels, closer to tabletop.


  • A character’s level in an ability now governs the maximum bonus traits they can gain from using equipment.
  • Abilities that would have covered a speciality, now grant more, the higher a level a character buys.


  • All disciplines have a standard five powers.
  • Many disciplines have broad changes.


  • Is now more broadly in line with tabletop.


  • Is now called backgrounds. Actually has rules. Incorporates Merits


  • Lots more options

Experience Costs

  • Experience costs now increase as you buy higher levels, creating a curve.
  • Out of clan disciplines are a lot more expensive.

For more details on what exactly has changed for your character, please read the relevant section of the rules.