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Willpower Points represent your inner reserves of will, to be called upon at times of emergency to exceed your mind and body’s normal limits.

Willpower is used to overcome the effects of lost Mental or Social challenges, to heal aggravated wounds, to recover Attribute Traits, and to resist Frenzying. Hence it is an exceptionally valuable resource – but your character only has one to last an entire game unless more is bought either at character creation or later.

Spending Willpower

In the event of losing a Mental or Social Challenge, a defender may spend a Willpower point to gain one Re-Test. This Re-Test is the last allowed in the challenge, cancels out all others, and the outcome is final. If the Re-Test is successful and fends off the attack, the defender is immune to the attacker using the same ability again for the following ten minutes of game time. In the case of Disciplines this means that they may not use that path on the individual concerned for ten minutes.

You can also spend Willpower to:-

  • Gain back all lost Traits within one particular attribute sphere, i.e. Physical, Mental or Social.
  • Ignore the negative effects of wound penalties for 10 minutes.
  • Heal aggravated damage (See Healing)
  • Avoid frenzy for 10 minutes (see Frenzy rules)
  • To active some disciplines (Thaumaturgy sometimes requires the caster spend a Willpower)

Buying more Willpower

Characters may purchase extra Willpower at a cost of 3 xp, see Experience Points for more details